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Jump right into the data. Build customized state, county, and ZIP Code-level maps from a menu of hundreds of indicators on health factors, health outcomes, and population demographics from multiple sources of data.

Which conditions affect your county compared to the rest of the state?

The percent of adults living with diabetes ranges from 7 to 15 percent across Missouri counties. Understanding where these disparities occur, and for which conditions, is critical to understanding and improving community health.

Where is the health divide within your county?

The rates of hospital-diagnosed diabetes per 1,000 population ranges across Jackson County ZIP Codes from 72.4 in Kansas City-Greenway Fields (64113) to 486.62 in Kansas City-Mt. Cleveland (64130). Identifying the communities within counties that are driving high rates of illness can help target resources to maximize the effectiveness of community health improvement interventions.

Map Room obesity ZHR 2023 layer focused on Jackson County, MO

What are the upstream factors determining downstream health outcomes?

Obesity is a major risk factor for diabetes. The incidence of hospital-diagnosed obesity for Boone County ZIP Codes closely resembles the rates of diabetes. Identifying and understanding the underlying drivers of health outcomes increases the likelihood of successful prevention efforts.