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Missouri Health Atlas

To get started, define a community by selecting counties or ZIP Codes from the dropdown menus, select health outcomes and health factors of interest, and generate a report.


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        1. Zoom closer to your area.
        2. Click a start point on the map to start drawing.
        3. Click each corner or bend of your area.
        4. When you're finished, double-click or complete the shape.
        5. Click anywhere inside a county to add it to your report area.
        6. To remove a county from your report area, click anywhere inside it again.
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        About the Missouri Health Atlas

        New population health strategies are refocusing health care delivery. The traditional delivery model has centered on hospital or physician’s office care. However, to understand why poor emotional or physical health occurs in some communities, health care providers are looking upstream to the numerous factors that lead to positive or negative health outcomes. These factors include social, environmental, and contextual determinants. These are community factors. They create an intersection of traditional health care and public health.

        Population health improvement requires communitywide partnerships to address the social, economic, environmental, clinical, and behavioral factors that affect health and lead to poor health outcomes. These initiatives necessitate assessment of a community’s health and social determinants.

        The Missouri Health Atlas is designed to facilitate Community Health Needs Assessments. The Atlas can identify which health outcomes and health factors are most important, and help users generate customized CHNAs using county- and ZIP-level data on mortality, quality of life, health behaviors, socioeconomic status, clinical care, and environment.